And Now It Is Time For An Answer (told in three parts)


“And now it is time for an answer!  That’s exactly what I told him and how I told him.” My miffed barista gal-pal yammered on as she retells the story of her latest tête-à-tête with her newest actor beau.

And Now It Is Time For An Answer (told in three parts)

By Stephán Amery McKenzie

Per usual, her current actor beau is a carbon copy of her previous fourteen actor beaus: a deadly poison composed of a photoshopped looking pretty-boy face, fitness magazine body, groomed like a champion show dog and a baloney pony that was, “not only mouthwatering but tickled in all the right places”—her words, not mine. It was like binge watching “Weird Science” back to back to back to back to back.

Normally when someone offers such a vivid description people tend to think the person is a close relative of Pinocchio. But my barista gal-pal is not shy. She is definitely not shy with other’s people’s information. And by not being shy or shy with other people’s information I mean she is readily able to provide proof of her… ‘interactions’. I have seen eye-popping images of her virtually unbelievable depictions. SHE IS NOT EXAGERRATING.